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Innovating fast is how we stay ahead of the game.


Innovating fast is how we stay ahead of the game

Everyone has an idea. But it's really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on it.

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We love what we do and that’s why we do it

Aya Trades LLC, registered in the US, is a fast-growing tech start-up that currently runs 5 businesses: Aya Curators, Aya Developments, Loot Origins, Lootnance and Loot Analytics . These are virtual businesses operating in Lootverse, a parallel world within the metaverse. Afreeca Invest Ltd is also a close partner.

Our Brands

Aya Curators finds talented content creators worldwide and lists their work as NFTs in the Loot Arena within lootverse.com (a parallel virtual world in the Metaverse). The Loot Arena is where miners battle-bid on auctions to win NFTs and convert their USDC to LTT, the Lootversian currency.

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Aya Developments caters for architectural needs in Lootverse. From crafting the interior of one apartment to creating a whole city, our aim is to provide the most creative and realistic virtual designs.

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Loot Analytics collects and analyzes data for all Aya Trades brands. In the future, we plan to release this service to other users and businesses in Lootverse.

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Loot Origins acts as the Historian of Lootverse. With a rich catalog of artists and storytellers, it creates the history of Lootverse through stories and visual representations.

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Lootnance is an in-world exchange that enables miners, users and businesses in lootverse.com to transact in different ways between one another. It acts as the financial backbone of Lootverse.

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Afreeca Invest will allow Africans to trade shares in some of the world’s biggest companies. Users will be able to access the U.S. stock market through a user-friendly app that allows them to trade instantly, safely, and with a small budget (as little as $1).

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Lootnance mobile app
Afreeca Invest mobile app

Our milestones so far

January 2021

Aya Trades - Launch

July 2021

Aya Curators - Launch

October 2021

Aya Trades - 5 person team

December 2021

Afreeca Invest - Waitlist deployment

December 2021

Aya Trades - 10 person team

December 2021

Aya Curators - Top 3 selling artists in Mauritius

December 2021

Aya Curators - $250k in Revenue

January 2022

Afreeca Invest - Beta App deployment

February 2022

Afreeca Invest - 1500 people on Waitlist

February 2022

Lootnance - Launch

February 2022

Afreeca Invest - Website Release

March 2022

Aya Trades - 20 person team

April 2022

Aya Trades - Website Release

April 2022

Aya Curators - Website Release

April 2022

Loot Origins - Website Release

April 2022

Lootnance - New product (OTC Levy) deployment

April 2022

Aya Curators - $500k in Revenue

May 2022

Loot Origins - Launch

May 2022

Aya Development - Launch

May 2022

Aya Labs - Launch

May 2022

Aya Media - Launch

Ethos - Four things we value

We pour our hearts into everything we do

We’re meticulous for the devil is in the details

Deadlines are yesterday, so we work fast

Work and reward are inseparable

Our Team

Our team is made up of a dynamic group of young people (average age: 25) with a strong desire to create something big. In just a few months, we have quickly understood the power of collaboration and we always seek to empower each other. This is our biggest strength.

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